Adesis is a digital Business and digital strategy consultancy.

We are experts in Communication, Marketing, Data and Technoloy. We count on our team with very diverse profiles but really connected among them: journalists, publishers, UXers, SEO & SEM experts, Social Media managers, Backend and Frontend developers, data analysts… a team capable to reach every goal to success!

We were born in 1999, in the apogee of .com bubble!

And yes, nearly 20 years later, we are still here, imaging new ideas and shaping our madness.

señor y caballo

we became to be
part of GFT

muving to their location and changed our logo.

Blue colour came, definitively, to our lives!

we are still part of GFT

and placed in the same building we moved in, but we have changed our branding, having a new logo that defines, best that ever, our essence:

the perfect mixture!

And what is the perfect mixture about?

It´s the combination of an agency´s creativity and flexibility; consultancy´s intelligence; and IT´s company security!